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Fostering Knowledge Exchange: Secretary General of EASE and Executive Secretary of CCOIC Visited MS Energy

发布者:MS Energy发布时间:2023-07-04

MS Energy made an impressive appearance at the International Energy Storage Conference in China on May 24th. The event was graced by esteemed guests, Patrick Clerens, Secretary General of the European Association for Storage of Energy, and Qi Zhang, Executive Secretary of the Sustainable Development Committee of the China Chamber of International Commerce. Later on, MS Energy invited them to visit our office. The Vice President of Technology, Enhai Zhao, the Vice President of MS Energy, Sabrina Liu, and the Director of Digital Energy, Hao Hu warmly welcomed the guests and introduced the history of MS Energy’s development as well as the unique advantages of products. Sabrina also explained in detail MS Energy's technical insights, innovations, and progress in the field of digital energy.



Established in 2011, the European Association for Storage of Energy is one of the three major European energy associations and has a strong influence in the European energy market as well as in the global energy storage sector. Its annual insightful reports on the global energy storage market are an important reference for research in the energy storage industry. The association supports the deployment of energy storage to support the cost-effective transition to a resilient, climate-neutral, and secure energy system. 


The primary objective of the Sustainable Development Committee of the China Chamber of International Commerce is to foster collaboration among diverse sectors of society, drive innovation in carbon neutrality technology, and consistently work towards achieving the “dual carbon” goals. As a leading technology company in the new energy industry, MS Energy is wholeheartedly dedicated to making substantial contributions to sustainable development.


During the presentation of our ideas and cases, Secretary General Patrick and Executive Secretary Qi Zhang shared their opinions on the feasibility and universality of technology implementation. They praised and recognized our main products in energy storage security and digital energy. Additionally, they emphasized that MS Energy possesses profound insights into energy storage technology and boasts a world-leading digital product, which has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of the energy storage industry.


Throughout our development journey, MS Energy has been instrumental in revolutionizing battery safety prognostic technology, thereby raising the safety standards within the energy storage industry. With a strong focus on energy storage, we have independently developed the Green Energy Manager, an advanced digital energy management system. Our ultimate goal is to drive the healthy growth of the global energy storage industry through cutting-edge technology and exceptional service while prioritizing safety, reliability, and value.

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