Battery Energy Storage Prognostic
Safety Solutions

The world's largest repurposing battery energy storage power station
The first and largest repurposing battery energy storage power station in China
Maximum charge/discharge power of 130,880 kilowatts ,Total storage capacity of 268,600 kilowatt hours
Program overview
“No disassembly, zero time cost” battery life cycle operation & maintenance
  • This solution is equipped with the world first commercial lithium battery prognostic safety system (PSS) and digital management system developed in China.Extract the key battery parameters (KBP) at cell level from its voltage-time series while in operation, diagnoses and prognoses based on battery landscape particularly how KBP changes while battery ages, send a fault alert weeks in advance when internal short hazard appears to specific cell (corresponding to extra discharging), achieving prevention before fire detection.
  • Testing at battery cell level without disassemble and with no extra time.
  • As an important R&D effort, the system won the 2021 State Grid Science and Technology Progress Award ‒ 1st Prize.
Technical Architecture Diagram
Prognostic Safety System(PSS)
The PSS system is a preventive intelligent housekeeper for energy storage with safety as the core,
and the first commercial lithium battery safety fault warning application platform in China.
Knowledge landscape
Build the fault prediction model and an AI big data model based on the rule of battery deterioration pattern, and conduct the safety diagnosis and operation & maintenance management at the level of the battery cell.
Key parameters
Obtain the key battery parameters from the battery cell voltage and timing sequence, conduct the online safety performance evaluation, actively identify the potential safety hazards, and dynamically allocate the parameters.
One scheme for one station
Improve the safety system of the energy storage power station, and formulate thorough strategies from diagnosis, prevention, active maintenance, operation & maintenance guidance to fire protection.
Operation & maintenance management
Conduct the monitoring and management for the full life cycle, and provide efficient and accurate guidance for operation & maintenance based on diagnostic results and intelligent decisions.

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