Solar, Storage & EV Charging Solutions

Nantong's first megawatt-level source grid load storage integration project
Nantong top machine intelligent manufacturer
3MW, average annual power generation of 3.05 million kWh, and annual carbon trading income of ¥135,000
Program overview
“Multi-source coordination, unified deployment” helps enterprises save energy and reduce consumption
One-stop green energy services such as project evaluation, investment, construction, operation and maintenance for high-energy-consumption enterprises; management of scattered small and medium-scale energy resources through advanced communication, computing, scheduling, and marketization; coordination and optimization to make it a “microgrid” with unified dispatch to realize resource sharing, thereby creating an energy environment of joint construction, joint governance, and sharing.
Serving urban travel based on "Internet of Things+" and self-developed chip technologies
MS Energy assists the low-speed electric vehicle industry to provide a better and safer riding experience in order to standardize management of shared urban motorcycles and help citizens achieve easy green travel, providing an integrated “standardized delivery + safe operation” solution disrupting the motorcycle industry with no difference in user experience.
Technical Architecture Diagram
Cooperation advantages
Revitalization of idle resources to increase income
Taking advantage of peak-valley price differences to reduce electricity costs
Coordinate and optimize control to improve the comprehensive energy efficiency
Responding to the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals to reduce carbon emissions
One-stop operation and maintenance service for detection, evaluation, diagnosis, optimization and maintenance
Operations Management
Equipment Repair
Production Plans
Regular Optimization
Security Monitoring

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